Progress and Development Report in Middle East

Middle east is a transcontinental region. It has 18 counties. Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, northern Cyprus, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. By populating Arabs, Turks, Persian, Kurds and Azeri are largest.

Several major beliefs came into existence at this place. The middle east have generally hot, arid climate with several major rivers providing irrigation to support agriculture in some areas. There has come a great progress in the middle east now. The middle east is called the energy house of the world and it plays a major role in global economic and politics. Two third of the world’s hydrocarbon reserves are located in this region. It is very rich in high quality raw material which due to geological conditions are very cheap.

MENA state:

The MENA area have industrial reservoirs of gold, silver and other non ferrous rare metals and uranium. Recently MENA state have used their funds for the development of infrastructure, social program and the diversity of their economy.  Also their is an increasing awareness among these countries of global changes and the need to withdraw themselves form the dangerous circle. Also it has seen that in the policy making circles of MENA state there is a great awareness to compete the new era challenges.

According to Middle East Headlines News, Joining in with the process of innovative technology learning and making new things have become the new task for MENA state. The aim is to provide youth with general and modern education and to provide them jobs accordingly. By 2020 it will be necessary to build over 60 million new jobs for the youth. They say that investment in youth is the most beneficial one.

To achieve social stability and justice this is very important to invest money and time in building new jobs for youth. Intensive work in  Astana is continuing and bringing about many important positive result. This directly applies on main aspect of situations in Syria. Especially bringing important and firm political structure of the country.

Finally, the practice to end the ruthless war against Syria is in practice. Also it is in practice to bring the peace of Syria and people of Syria back.

A positive thing which have been reportedly seen is that many Syrians are getting back to their homeland Syria. And rebuilding their old destroyed homes. So that they can live their again if not with the family they have lost but with the memories they have left in that home. Many of other interventions are being taken for the betterment of Middle east and to improve the living here.

The region has started a focus on their economy.  The other important thing they are focusing is their education system. To bring new technology and new ideas it is necessary to update the education system as well. The other important thing is to build a strong politics.  A more firm politics. Which will represent them in front of the world more powerful and wise.