How to grow your account: 5 useful tips that actually work

Instagram is growing social platform that allows the businesses and individuals to expand. But without having a number of followers on your account, you can’t leverage this platform. All you need to have more post engagement and number of followers. You can run Instagram ads for getting Instagram followers to supercharge the process of your account growth on Instagram. We have gathered some tips and tricks that help you to amass more followers in order to grow your account.

Use Instagram stores:

Instagram let you post creative and curated photos and videos on your stories to represent your brand. However, it is ephemeral content that stays for 24 hours only but it gives your brand more personality on this biggest social platform. This is not a polished section of Instagram and you can share unedited ephemeral videos and photos with your followers. You can cultivate a brand appeal by engaging your fans in different ways like by sharing behind the scene and on the fly looks.

Share live videos:

Live videos are a hugely popular content format on all social platforms especially on Instagram where you can share your live videos using Instagram stories. The unique thing of Instagram’ live videos is that they disappear when you stop filming. It is a great bi-directional experience that allows you to share raw, unretouched and unscripted moments with your followers. The incorporating of human element make it worth-watching that in turns boost engagement and give you a lot of new followers.

Interact with others including your followers:

If you want to grow your account on Instagram, remember one rule i.e. be social. Instagram is just like a community and tries to get involved in that community to interact with other users and find people within your niche and follow them as well. It is a simple yet natural way to get more eyes on your content especially if you are just starting out in the community. What will happen when you do the same: for one, they will receive notification that you have followed them, they are more likely to land on your Instagram profile and follow you (it is most important to have high-quality content on your profile before you are going to reach out other people related to your industry). Secondly, they will be seeing your post and hit like button, so you can interact with them. Also, interact with your followers which you can buy from Instaboostgram, show some love and appreciation by responding to their comments on your posts. Even follow your loyal followers and like their posts.

Buy Instagram accounts:

It is an easiest and instant way in order to grow your account on Instagram. When you buy an Instagram account, you can get a lot of other new followers because people tend to follow those accounts which have number of followers.

Cross promotion:

Share your Instagram posts across other social platforms with your existing followers. You can share the teaser of your Instagram story and ask them to watch the full story on my Instagram account.