Why Canadian Tire is Famous With Digital Marketing than Walmart in Canada

Walmart has often been titled as the king of the retail business sector. For many decades it has ruled all alone but things are no longer in the court of Walmart anymore. It is finding itself tough slogging in the retail business. For the first time since its inception in the 1970s, the company’s worldwide operations suffered a profit decline recently. Walmart has appeared to been particularly disappointed by its performance in Canada due to major competition by Canadian Tire.

Canadian Tire Corporation, Ltd, is one of Canada’s most recognized and popular retail franchise. Over the years the company has flourished to extreme extents and has a store presence in almost every province and territory of Canada. The company has recently opened its largest store in the country which has taken the retail sector by storm. There are various reasons that have added to the increased popularity of Canadian Tire as opposed to Walmart. Some of the major ones are jotted below.

Traditional look

Canadian Tire has opted for a rather traditional store look. They have moved away from the tired and cluttered warehouse look to a brighter and traditional one. What gives it a more attractive look is the wider aisles and more light which makes the stores spacious as well as brighter for the customers.

Customer focused

Majority of comes start off their businesses with successful franchise techniques but this has not been the case for Canadian Tire. They have a clear cut goal which revolves around and focuses on customers. Whether it is about selecting products or site designs, customers are highly considered by the company. Shelves are well stocked and ample of variety is offered. Value for money is also provided. It can thus rightly be said that Canadian Tire is giving its community what they want and need in order to gain success in the market.

Digital investments

Canadian Tire is making a lot of gain across all of its fundamental businesses. A major thing that is captivating the customers and driving the sales high is the digital investments which connect brick-and-motor campaigns with the online shopping experience. The company has also created an e-version of Canadian Tire money which has enabled the customers’ access to CT money through the brand’s app where rewards and offers can also be availed.

Seasonal department

Another factor that catches the eye is that Canadian Tire provides a seasonal department. This means that customers can easily click and drag virtual products onto a virtual deck to get a feel for the outside look before they can actually buy it.

Reasonable valuation

Canadian Tire is highly talked about because of its valuation. What distinguishes is that it trades at less than 17 times earnings thus offering a reasonable amount of discount to customers.

Diversity of brands

The company has done a terrific job of bringing various diverse brands under one single roof. In order to do this, the company has bought Mark’s Work Warehouse and Forzani Group. Moreover, it has also launched PartSource which aims at providing customers with auto parts. Each of the brands offered by Canadian Tire serves a specific niche which is very crucial to the company’s success.


Learn The Right Way to Use Smashburger Coupon

Coupons and vouchers make people go crazy about shopping as they play a vital role in the whole shopping experience. The sole purpose of offering various appealing coupons is that retailers can optimize their marketing or promote their products by attracting customers. Just like other companies, Smashburger also offers an array of coupons for its customers.

About Smashburger

Smashburger is unlike any other fast food place. Being a fast-casual hamburger chain it is a gateway to great, sizzling, and juicy burgers. Although the specialty of Smashburger is burgers, it also serves sandwiches, fries, and milkshakes in casual locations where you can either sit and eat or simply pack it up and get a takeaway. What distinguishes the hamburgers of Smashburger is that they are prepared through the unique process of smashing the burger onto the grill which enhances the crispy delicious taste to an extreme extent.

Smashburger Coupons

If you are looking to save money and have the best meal of your life than Smashburger is the perfect place to order from. Smashburger offers various discount coupons for its customers so they can make use of them and have a worthwhile experience that is super tasty. $2 off coupon is featured regularly on the website that offers an amazing of buy one get one free. Added to this at times are coupons of 50 percent off. The coupons from Giving Assistant are the ones that have drawn the most public attention. By applying the code, you will not only receive a discount on the meal but will also be donating to a worthy cause. This has made helping those in needy easy and tasty.

Reward Program

The customers of Smashburger can avail free food and exclusive coupons on joining the famous Smash Club. This is a free reward program initiated by the company. It lets the loyal members earn points for every dollar they spend. Reaching 100 points means that $10 have been earned. Collect as many points as you can and then use them to buy discounted or even free meals.

The Right Way to Use the Coupons

Using the Smashburger coupons the right way is tricky yet very easy. All you need to do is download the SmashClub app and you are all set to receive discounts and earn points towards free food. The app also helps to keep track of the points, place orders online and redeem the rewards. You’ll also get a $1 off coupon as a onetime courtesy on downloading the app.

Smashburger’s unique, tasty, and mouth-watering burgers have without revitalized the whole fast food eating experience. It provides quantity with quality which is topped with a pinch of savings due to the wide range of coupons available. If you are looking to have a wonderful meal and save money than Smashburger is the right place to have both. Each day new and unique coupons are available which if used at the right time and right way can help towards a better experience.

10 Statistics Of Video Marketing

10 Statistics Of Video Marketing For 2019

The digital marketers must focus on the videos majorly, since the content of the video performs much better than all other things on the social platforms. Following are some of the key points the digital marketers must keep in mind.

  • The content of the video works better than all other types on the Facebook.
  • Tweets consisting of videos observe ten times more engagement as compared to other tweets that are without the videos. Also, the Promoted tweets having videos save 50% or greater than that on cost-per-engagement.
  • The users of LinkedIn are 20 times more probable of sharing a video on the platform as compared to any other kind of
  • Purchases become 2.6 times higher when brand video content is viewed.

These stats are famous enough but in making efforts in the online marketing, video is something to be investigated and noticed. Following are the ten video marketing stats that Oberlo outlined. These stats need to be kept in mind in the present year. If someone hasn’t made a video yet, the following points will make you observe and notice at the possible options.

Video content surpasses all other types:

People using the internet all over the world enjoy the videos and its content. In 2018 statistics, it was found that almost 85% of the internet users in the United States viewed online video content on a monthly basis on any of the devices they had. This makes it obvious that the video content is one of the most effective way of gaining traffic and enhancing the reach of your brand.

Increasing demand of the video content:

It was discovered from the stats of 2018 that 54% of the consumers wish to view more video content from a business or brand they are supporting.

Powerful tool for marketing:

87% of the marketing experts and professionals make use of the video as it is a great tool for marketing.

Videos being posted on social media catches attention:

On the social media, consumers love watching video content regarding the brand they support. If you have audience then the benefit will reciprocate. To gain audience for attention, there are better options like buying some cheap instagram followers that cost pennies. In this way the content of the video thus enhance the number of purchases proving beneficial for the businesses.

Gives you profit:

88% of the video marketers have found that the video marketing have provided them with a lot of profit gain. They are very satisfied with this way of marketing.

Marketing works as a lead generation channel:

Those who do marketing using video content receive 66% more qualified leads each year. Thus, the video content becomes advantageous for the marketers in many ways.

Increases the engagement rate:

Videos make the users spend more time than usual on the website. It was seen that the user spends 88% more time on the website with the video as compared to the content having no videos at all.

Creates Social Media Audience

72% people learn more about the service, brand, or product through the video content.

YouTube power:

It is the second largest search engine. It plays a billion hours of video each day to its users.

More captivation:

The users are 95% more likely to remember anything from watching a video than by reading it from the text.

Credits: Social Media Today

How to grow your account: 5 useful tips that actually work

Instagram is growing social platform that allows the businesses and individuals to expand. But without having a number of followers on your account, you can’t leverage this platform. All you need to have more post engagement and number of followers. You can run Instagram ads for getting Instagram followers to supercharge the process of your account growth on Instagram. We have gathered some tips and tricks that help you to amass more followers in order to grow your account.

Use Instagram stores:

Instagram let you post creative and curated photos and videos on your stories to represent your brand. However, it is ephemeral content that stays for 24 hours only but it gives your brand more personality on this biggest social platform. This is not a polished section of Instagram and you can share unedited ephemeral videos and photos with your followers. You can cultivate a brand appeal by engaging your fans in different ways like by sharing behind the scene and on the fly looks.

Share live videos:

Live videos are a hugely popular content format on all social platforms especially on Instagram where you can share your live videos using Instagram stories. The unique thing of Instagram’ live videos is that they disappear when you stop filming. It is a great bi-directional experience that allows you to share raw, unretouched and unscripted moments with your followers. The incorporating of human element make it worth-watching that in turns boost engagement and give you a lot of new followers.

Interact with others including your followers:

If you want to grow your account on Instagram, remember one rule i.e. be social. Instagram is just like a community and tries to get involved in that community to interact with other users and find people within your niche and follow them as well. It is a simple yet natural way to get more eyes on your content especially if you are just starting out in the community. What will happen when you do the same: for one, they will receive notification that you have followed them, they are more likely to land on your Instagram profile and follow you (it is most important to have high-quality content on your profile before you are going to reach out other people related to your industry). Secondly, they will be seeing your post and hit like button, so you can interact with them. Also, interact with your followers which you can buy from Instaboostgram, show some love and appreciation by responding to their comments on your posts. Even follow your loyal followers and like their posts.

Buy Instagram accounts:

It is an easiest and instant way in order to grow your account on Instagram. When you buy an Instagram account, you can get a lot of other new followers because people tend to follow those accounts which have number of followers.

Cross promotion:

Share your Instagram posts across other social platforms with your existing followers. You can share the teaser of your Instagram story and ask them to watch the full story on my Instagram account.