10 Statistics Of Video Marketing For 2019

The digital marketers must focus on the videos majorly, since the content of the video performs much better than all other things on the social platforms. Following are some of the key points the digital marketers must keep in mind.

  • The content of the video works better than all other types on the Facebook.
  • Tweets consisting of videos observe ten times more engagement as compared to other tweets that are without the videos. Also, the Promoted tweets having videos save 50% or greater than that on cost-per-engagement.
  • The users of LinkedIn are 20 times more probable of sharing a video on the platform as compared to any other kind of
  • Purchases become 2.6 times higher when brand video content is viewed.

These stats are famous enough but in making efforts in the online marketing, video is something to be investigated and noticed. Following are the ten video marketing stats that Oberlo outlined. These stats need to be kept in mind in the present year. If someone hasn’t made a video yet, the following points will make you observe and notice at the possible options.

Video content surpasses all other types:

People using the internet all over the world enjoy the videos and its content. In 2018 statistics, it was found that almost 85% of the internet users in the United States viewed online video content on a monthly basis on any of the devices they had. This makes it obvious that the video content is one of the most effective way of gaining traffic and enhancing the reach of your brand.

Increasing demand of the video content:

It was discovered from the stats of 2018 that 54% of the consumers wish to view more video content from a business or brand they are supporting.

Powerful tool for marketing:

87% of the marketing experts and professionals make use of the video as it is a great tool for marketing.

Videos being posted on social media catches attention:

On the social media, consumers love watching video content regarding the brand they support. If you have audience then the benefit will reciprocate. To gain audience for attention, there are better options like buying some cheap instagram followers that cost pennies. In this way the content of the video thus enhance the number of purchases proving beneficial for the businesses.

Gives you profit:

88% of the video marketers have found that the video marketing have provided them with a lot of profit gain. They are very satisfied with this way of marketing.

Marketing works as a lead generation channel:

Those who do marketing using video content receive 66% more qualified leads each year. Thus, the video content becomes advantageous for the marketers in many ways.

Increases the engagement rate:

Videos make the users spend more time than usual on the website. It was seen that the user spends 88% more time on the website with the video as compared to the content having no videos at all.

Creates Social Media Audience

72% people learn more about the service, brand, or product through the video content.

YouTube power:

It is the second largest search engine. It plays a billion hours of video each day to its users.

More captivation:

The users are 95% more likely to remember anything from watching a video than by reading it from the text.

Credits: Social Media Today